Our Story

Our story at National Waqf is not just our own, but a continuation of a rich and enduring prophetic tradition. The concept of waqf, or endowment, has its roots in the time of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, who championed the establishment of charitable trusts for the betterment of society. We are proud to carry forward this noble legacy, using the principles of waqf to create sustainable solutions for today’s challenges.  
Our journey is a testament to the timeless wisdom of the Prophet’s ﷺ teachings, and a reaffirmation of our commitment to uphold the values of compassion, generosity, and service to others. As we look to the future, we remain guided by this prophetic tradition, striving to make a lasting impact through our work.

Our History

Building Communities One Waqf at a Time


Initiative by the Muslim community leaders began to establish a charity to revive the Waqf institution. However, progress was not as swift as desired due to COVID-19 set back.  


Our charity status was awarded by the Charity Commission, and we secured initial seed funding.


The charity successfully produced a leadership team and made its first investment. 


The new executive board revised and define a new vision and strategy, which included rebranding the charity's operating name to National Waqf. 

What challenges we are addressing?

A Waqf is for Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Donor fatigue

Frequent requests for the same causes result in donors questioning how their funds are managed and make them less inclined to give.

Imbalanced charitable giving

Historically, the focus has been on global humanitarian causes, with over 1,000 UK Muslim charities dedicated to this in 2021.

Lack of sustainable funding

As a result, most charities spent a significant amount of time on fundraising as opposed to focusing on the real problems which they were established to solve.

How does our model solve this?

Revival of the Prophetic Way

Reviving and championing the institution of waqf by increasing awareness and education.

Supporting and empowering individuals and organisations in building their own awaqf.

Building and expanding our public Waqf.

Strategically giving grants to create a positive impact.

Our Principles

Stronger, United Ummah


National Waqf aims to be transparent as it is essential for public organisations to build trust, demonstrate accountability, and provide a clear explanation of how funds are used to achieve the organisation's charitable mission.


National Waqf maintains professionalism as it is vital for establishing credibility, ensuring efficient operations, and fostering public trust, which are essential elements for sustained impact and support.


Compliance serves as a cornerstone of effective charity management, as it upholds legal standards, fosters public trust, and ensures continued support, thereby protecting the organisation's reputation and ability to deliver on its charitable commitments.


Preserving independence is essential for charities to maintain autonomous decision-making, avoid conflicts of interest, and uphold their commitment to unbiased, mission-driven initiatives, thereby strengthening credibility and public trust.