Grant giving

We are committed to supporting initiatives that align with our mission and values. If you have a project or program that requires funding, we encourage you to apply for a grant from our charity.

Grant opportunities

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Who is eligible?

UK-based projects positively impacting the Muslim community. We welcome transformative initiatives with smart resource utilisation.

How much can you get?

Currently, grants up to £10,000 (capped at 20% of annual income) are awarded. We aim to raise this limit in future cycles with increased donations to our Waqf investment fund. For exceptional cases, grants up to £25,000 may be awarded. Apply if your project merits priority consideration.

What can the fund be used for?

We are open to funding diverse needs, including typical and atypical costs for specific projects or entire organisations. Funds cover operational (equipment, utilities), core (salaries, rent), and even capital costs (property, land). Direct beneficiary costs like meals or transport are also considered.

Grant application process

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Before applying, please review our grant eligibility criteria to ensure that your project aligns with our funding priorities.

Application Form

Complete the online grant application form. Please provide detailed information about your project, including its goals, objectives, budget, and expected outcomes.

Review Process

The Grant Giving department will determine the strength of each application based on several factors:

  • Amount and objectives of funding required.
  • Number of beneficiaries
  • How sustainable is the financial model of the organisation.
  • Will the funding provided be required again?
  • How unique is the project being delivered.
  • Impact on local communities
  • Urgency of project being delivered.
  • Effectiveness of measuring deliverables

Due Diligence

Successful applicants will undergo the due diligence process, where the following will be considered: financial wellbeing, compliance, project evaluation and impact assessment, leadership and governance. If required, we may conduct interviews or site visits as well as seek references from partners or beneficiaries.


After the due diligence is completed, KPIs and metrics for measuring performance will be agreed with the organisation. Grant recipients are required to provide periodic reports on the progress of their funded projects. This helps us track the impact of the grants and ensures accountability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Still have a question?

We actively encourage feedback from our stakeholders and the public. This two-way communication allows us to remain responsive, make improvements where necessary, and uphold our promise to maintain the trust placed in us. Get in touch.
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How is the National Waqf funded?

National Waqf's operational costs are met by private donations.

Do you accept Zakah?

No, National Waqf does not accept Zakah payments

Can I donate to a specific cause?

Your donations go towards the Waqf. Our grant giving panel determine which causes we provide funding to.

How can I volunteer for the charity?

Excellent question, You can volunteer for National Waqf by completing a form in our 'Get Involved' section at the top of the page.

How do you award grants?

National Waqf awards grants based on a robust application process, formula based analysis and a consensus of the executive team

How does National Waqf measure the impact of grants?

Great question, the impact is measured through a set of KPI's.