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Creating long-term and sustainable change through impactful giving.

Building a better future through Sustainable Giving


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What is Waqf?


Your generous donations are collected and pooled together.


Our Investment Committee invests the donations into Shari’ah compliant and attractive investments to preserve the principal of the donation and generate growth and income.


The profits generated from these investments are given out as grants to help the community. It's a long-lasting way to make a difference.

Your generosity can make a difference.

Help us achieve our goals & create a better world.


Providing grants across the UK Muslim Community

National Waqf provides grants to charities with the aim of delivering sustainable impact across a range of priority causes.

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Why National Waqf?

Empowering the Muslim Community through Waqf

We are reviving the institution of Waqf in our communities to create positive change for the long-term through impactful giving. With our expertise, National Waqf runs and manages its activities as an Islamically compliant organisation and works to deliver positive change.
We aim to create a world-class funding organisation based on the principles of excellence and transparency to benefit the community.

This will remove the never-ever burden of charitable dependency and fundraising and therefore should free up charitable organisations and people to focus what they do best – making the world a better place!