How we operate

At National Waqf, we prioritise robust operations and governance to guide our impactful investments and grants. We are committed to integrity and transparency and our policies clearly spell our operational rules.

Impact and funds reporting

Waqf builds communities

Our Investment Department will track and report on the performance of all investments directly to the donors and where possible on this website. These will be in the form of quarterly or annual reports depending upon the investment types.

Our Grant Giving Department will also monitor and evaluate the charities and projects donated so they meet the original objectives of the donations and achieve the desired impact of the donor. We will periodically communicate our achievement with you insha'Allah.

Coming in 2024 onwards

Annual report

This is on all activities and departments with impact metrics etc - this will be in a similar format to other charity annual reports

Coming in 2024 onwards

Public Waqf investment update

Investor-style report on waqf pot growth, key investments, and projections.

Coming in 2024 onwards

Grant giving report

Highlighting grant activities, impact, and key metrics with comments from organizations. To be published on our website and shared with donors and stakeholders.

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