National Waqf has partnered with Masjid-e-Tauheed to revive a Sunnah and raise funds towards a sustainable, long-term mechanism for social investment which will contribute towards community development and growth.

Why National Waqf?

Forever Giving, Forever Rewarding

  1. Sustainable Change: Donations are invested in Shari'ah-compliant ventures, ensuring both the preservation of principal and generation of income for ongoing community support.
  2. Diverse Impact Areas: Contributions support various causes like educational excellence, youth empowerment, economic relief, spiritual growth, and civic engagement within the UK Muslim community.
  3. Reviving Waqf Tradition: The organization aims to revive the historical institution of Waqf, emphasizing excellence and transparency, to create a self-sustaining model that alleviates the need for continuous fundraising.

UK-based projects positively impacting the Muslim community. We welcome transformative initiatives with smart resource utilisation.

Blessed to have funded


Waqf builds communities

Whether you want to donate a small amount or large, or you have a property in your portfolio that you wish to convert into a Waqf for endless reward, NWF can facilitate your preferred route to forever giving, forever rewarding. Choose from the options below:

You can also choose to donate via bank transfer using the details below: